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Coppercoat Superyacht is the most durable and long lasting anti-foul coating available. A single treatment of this water-based and VOC-free resin commonly provides a high level of fouling protection for a decade or more.  By using Coppercoat Superyacht, owners and operators repeatedly save the time and expense of the dry-docking and repainting associated with traditional anti-fouls.

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Global environmental regulations are tightening. The emphasis on eliminating VOCs and significantly reducing biocide leach rates and end-of-life pollution makes the future for traditional anti-fouls look bleak indeed. Such inevitable, long overdue changes leave Coppercoat as the most viable, low leach rate, efficacious and environmentally responsible bio-active anti-foul available.

Over the next few years we shall see yet further tightening of the environmental legislation pertaining to anti-fouls, leading to the withdrawal of even more (and quite possibly all) of the traditional style paints currently available. But with Coppercoat already being water-based, VOC-free, low-leaching and with no end-oflife concerns, those requiring an efficacious anti-fouling in both the commercial and leisure sectors can remain confident of the continued availability of a legally compliant and environmentally responsible solution.

For more information on environmental awareness and the future of antifoul, read the full report here.

47M Superyacht

Anti-fouled with Coppercoat® Superyacht

Selected vessels using Coppercoat® Superyacht

International Award Winning Anti-foul

Winners of the “Most Eco-Friendly Business” award at the China International Boat Show, in recognition of our work to produce an environmentally responsible anti-foul. 

• VOC-free
• Water-based Epoxy
• Recycled Copper
• Tin-free

Being epoxy based, Coppercoat Superyacht is classified as non-eroding, causing less harm to the environment than conventional ablative anti-foul paints.  Fully approved by the HSE in compliance with UK and EU Law, Coppercoat Superyacht also complies with all relevant International Maritime Organisation (IMO) resolutions.

Coppercoat Superyacht provides an approved, environmentally responsible and uniquely long-lasting solution to the problem of marine fouling.

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37M Sunseeker

Treated in The UAE in 2008

Press Reviews

Aquarius Marine Coatings Ltd. manufactures the high-performance multi-season antifouls Coppercoat, Coppercoat-Superyacht and Coppercoat Commercial. Since launching in 1991, these coatings have proven to be durable and long-lasting. These hard-wearing and densely copper-filled epoxy resins provide protection against unwanted marine growth for many years (commonly over a
On Board, written by France and Michael Howorth
“After 60 months of testing, Coppercoat was the best performing coating …Coppercoat showed little significant change in thickness over time.”
5 year Antifoul trial - PML Report
Since applying the Coppercoat system I have been delighted with its performance. There’s been much less weed build-up than in previous years, and what did appear has been easy to remove. It’s quite a high initial outlay, but a lot of money will be saved over the years and it seems to work as a very effective anti-fouling with the bonus of offering good hull protection.
Sailing Today, written by John Goode
Copper epoxies tend to be favoured by environmental groups as they do not leach their metallic content in anything like the quantity that the popular self-eroding antifouls do, thereby reducing the build up of copper on the seabed, and equally importantly, continuing to be effective with little or no maintenance for ten or more years. Now must be the time to consider whether Coppercoat could be the answer to your fouling problems, both economically and environmentally.
Captians Log, written by Duncan Kent
Coppercoat-Superyacht has a much smaller environmental impact than traditional eroding solutions. It’ll operate on any clean hull – composite, steel aluminium. A decade between treatments is possible. The formula’s strong matrix allows for periodic scrubbing.
SuperYacht World, written by Paul Ashton
Does copper anti-fouling really last? Well, we’ve done a 14 year test. Our experience with Coppercoat has been fantastic. In all the 14 years we’ve never had a barnacle, seaweed, nothing…
Practical Boat Owner, written by Sarah Norbury
With a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years per treatment, this ultra hard wearing epoxy anti-foul eliminates the need for the repeated costly and time-consuming dry dockings necessary for reapplications of conventional anti-foul. By removing the need to continually dock and re-anti-foul, long life Coppercoat-Superyacht provides unbeatable value for money.
On Board, written by Chris Clifford
There was no weed or barnacles on the Coppercoated hull and just 30 minutes after its lift and clean off I was back on the water and heading out to the Solent, where I was pleased to find that she was still just as quick as she was last season. On the basis of these results I wouldn’t hesitate to use Coppercoat again.
Motorboat & Yachting, written by Greg Copp

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